Upcoming Mini-Tour of the North-East & other news…

First of all we are FINALLY WORKING ON A NEW THOUGHTCRIMINALS RELEASE. It will be produced by Untested Methods, who you may remember for his remix of “Return of the Antagonist” from Vault 13. We’ve got all the beats together and we’ll be banging out rhymes for it and hope to have it ready before we hit the road in July.

The mini-tour in July will feature kHill & sulfur both doing solo sets, with a sprinkling of ThoughtCriminals material throughout the night. I’m super excited to say that we’ll be bringing fellow-Charlotte-hiphop-duo FredRock & Red Jesse along for the ride as well. You may have seen these dudes (if you are in the Charlotte area) backing up kHill as part of his solo act, but they are also a great group of their own, and we are super excited to have them along for the ride.

All the dates are listed over to the right, so just click that and you’ll get a list of our upcoming engagements.

See you soon!